We all have to shop and HOPE Restored has teamed up with "FlipGive" so that YOUR PURCHASES will have  donation power!

You don't have to change "what" you buy you just change "how" you buy it.

Example: Walmart will donate 3%, Join our FlipGive team today and make every purchase support families in crisis!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my gift to HOPE Restored tax deductible? HOPE Restored ​is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a faith-based organization but are not affiliated with any one church or denomination. All donations (financial, non-cash, or time) are tax-deductible.

Can I remain anonymous as a donor? We respect our donors privacy and if requested will not list your name in any of our publications. Simply note "anonymous" on your donation. Please note that it is helpful to recruit more donors if we can list our donors names as a testament to the people who believe in HOPE Restored's mission and have joined us as financial supporters.

Do you accept Honorarium or Memorial gifts? Yes we would be blessed to. A Honorarium or Memorial card would be sent to the family or person that you are recognizing. It will also be listed in our newsletters.

What amounts do you accept for monthly support & can it be done automatically? ​ Consistent monthly support is our greatest & most urgent need. We accept monthly support at any monetary level. At this time we are not able to set up automatic monthly drafts from your account but we are working on that. Until then you may be able to set up an automatic payment through your banks bill pay system. You can also give online instead of mailing a check.

How To Help

Financial donations can be mailed to:

HOPE Restored 

PO Box 4072
Joplin, MO 64803​

Or give today using your credit/debit card or Paypal 

Donation receipts are mailed out monthly.


HOPE Restored is a faith-based organization and prayer is ESSENTIAL to our success! 

Please pray for wisdom as we move forward with HAVEN of HOPE and for direction as we continue to help strengthen families and empower them to rise above the circumstances in life. 


We rely on donations and support from our community. Financial support through a onetime gifts and ongoing monthly support is needed to continue to offer services to families in our community regardless of their financial position. Your donation allows us to provide needed services including parenting classes, life skills training and more.

Other Ways to Help

  • Donate new or gently used items that are needed for HOPE Restored or our HAVEN of HOPE program.

  • Team up with others from your place of employment and create a group fundraiser

  • Help us spread the word of Hope Restored and our Haven of Hope program. Please consider allowing us to speak at your church, organization, women's group or book club.